This site is for the bonsai and bonniwai community of  the Ozarks and surrounding areas.  To provide a medium for further enjoyment of this hobby/obsession. We invite newcomers to the hobby but, worn you that it is possible to develop an obsession.   We pledge  to be as much help as possible in helping you control the affects of not being able to obtain plant material and bonsai supplies. We also will strive to get you all the help you will need in a monthly support group and interventions for the hopelessly addicted.  We are based in the Springfield Missouri area and hope to reach out to the Ozarks, the whole of Missouri and surrounding states. BONSAI !

During June up to 50% off on many items.

Bonsai classes will form as needed and will be conducted on a personal and group basis.  Costs are based mainly on materials used.  I do not consider myself a bonsai master but offer some experience, encouragement and ideals. And a place to get dirty.  You are also invited to become a member of our bonsai club and attend meetings and workshops participate in collecting trips and have a forum on bonsai and obtain information.  Members will receive discounts on products and services as well as take part in online "what's this" and other contests................... 

Care of Indoor Bonsai

Care of Tropical Bonsai

Care of outdoor Bonsai

Care of hardy Bonsai

Care of Bonniwai Bonsai indoor types

Care of Bonniwai Bonsai outdoor types

Care of Bonniwai Bonsai Hardy types

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Fill free to ask about availible plants, seeds and cuttings. As well as pots, tools, soils.

With all that is going on we ask that you please call and make an appointment so that your visit well be better       Please call before coming out .  417 736-2785  Please leave a message if you do not get an answer.  I will return you call.  And you can always call again.

You will see that we work with traditional and less transitional plant material.

We work with Tropical and Hardy bonsai, supply pots, wire, soils,oriental plant material and fixtures, design and install landscapes. BONSAI !
During the month of June we will have a number of sales with savings of up to 50% on some items.
Part of living with an addiction is to have all the tools possible for dealing with the effects of  obsession.   We will have coping tools like bonsai pots both plastic and ceramic, grow out pots at really decent prices, potting soils and soil components, wire and working tools. BONSAI!
The practise of bonsai and bonniwai gardening in the Ozarks.  While we can not promise we want to help those in all parts of the country.  All items and support can be shipped or emailed. BONSAI !

If you have a really addictive personality STOP! Get off this site, Go out and buy all the diapers you will need for years, children's you know for the kids, adults for you know who.  (You won't have to leave your bonsai.)  Purchase cases of can foods , all the clothes your family will use for the next decade or so.  Kiss all relations goodbye. Afterwards come back to this site. BONSAI !

While we take growing serious we don't take ourselves serious. BONSAI
Areas that should be one days shipping distant or a short drive to attend meetings.The Ozarks. Strafford, Springfield, Harrison, Joplin, Rolla, St Louis, Kansas City, Tulsa, Ft.Scott, Wichita, Pittsburg,  Branson, Little Rock.  BONSAI !